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No more monkey business in Japan…maybe

A monkey believed to have bitten more than 100 people in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture since August was captured Oct. 10 after being cornered in the home of a resident here.

A Mishima official said there was no doubt that the captured macaque monkey was the one that had been attacking people, as it was snared shortly after three people were attacked nearby and there had been no other sightings or reports of injuries afterwards.

via The Mainichi Daily News.

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Multi-storey graveyards

in Japan, a crowded mountainous country with a fast-ageing society, there is a shortage of final resting places, especially in the big cities.

Burial plots in Tokyo can cost more than $100,000 (£63,318), so some are turning to a cheaper hi-tech solution – multi-storey graveyards.

via BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Japan’s new hi-tech ‘graveyards’.

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Cool off on those hot, muggy days

Picture 4

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They better hope he isn’t Godzilla’s buddy

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Nothing better sums up the relationship between the Japanese and robotics than a giant model robot model – 18 metres (59 feet) high and weighing 35 tonnes – that has taken pride of place in the centre of Tokyo.

The robot is one from the Gundam series, which began in the late 1970s. It towers over the capital’s Odaiba Island as an exact replica of what a “real life” robot would look like if it existed.


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These waiters don’t monkey around…wait…

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Art from flotsam and beach garbage

The Japan Times Online

The studio of potter Shigeaki Higuchi faces the Pacific on the coast at Shirahama in Minami Boso City [Japan}. Between the shore and his modest atelier there’s only a local road and a line of bushes where deep-blue morning glories were already in full bloom when I visited last month. The sky was clear and the sea breeze there at the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula was a delight as the sun bore down on that early-summer day.

Peaceful as it is — and beautiful, with shirahama literally meaning “white beach” — this remote extremity of Chiba Prefecture is a well-known holiday destination located near Tateyama City.

But Higuchi, a Shirahama resident since 1979, knows another face of the popular beach: its garbage.

“One day about eight years ago,” he recalled, “I found piles of rubbish along the shore, and I was shocked. I thought that something had to be done.”

But instead of campaigning for the environment, Higuchi took an artistic approach to the problem and began collecting junk from the beach and turning it into works of art.

More of Mr Higuchi’s art is here.

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Japan has a ghost season?

Lots more at The Japan Times Online

If there are eerie goings-on in the neighborhood — and Halloween is still two months off — it could be because Japan’s traditional “ghost season” maxes out at this time of the year…

Mid-August is considered a spiritual season because of Buddhist traditions. Many honor the dead during Bon by gathering and paying respects at ancestral graves.

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