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The Queen may not have had legs but she sure had drawers

They look like something snaffled from a pantomime dame’s wardrobe. But these generously proportioned linen bloomers and chemise were fit for a queen. And not just any queen. None other than Queen Victoria herself wore these at the end of the 19th century…

As well as being embroidered with a crown and the initials VR the underwear also have a number to ensure they could be kept track of when sent to the laundry…

Victoria’s underwear is at Kensington Palace. Which means they have become one of the most important museum pieces in the country. Embroidered with a small crown and the initials VR, the undergarments have been given ‘national designated status’ by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

via Victoria’s big secret | Mail Online.

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OK, Vicar. Pony up the drawers.

Summer fete committee members in Langton Herring, Dorset, were forced to slash costs for the annual summer party due to the recession. Committee member Amanda King jokingly suggested using the pants as bunting after hearing there was not enough money to buy new decorations.

Villagers have responded by donating hundreds of pants and knickers of all shapes and sizes.

“We all thought that life is a bit of pants these days so how appropriate to fly pants instead of bunting,” said Mrs King. “It’s given people a bit of a chuckle although I don’t think everyone approves,” said committee chairman Anne Kerins added.

“Ann has run with the idea and the village has been very supportive. We even hope to have some holy pants from the vicar.

via Vicar’s underwear used for bunting – Telegraph.

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