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Snowdon Sunday stroll

Located in the middle of a beautiful national park, Mount Snowdon is one of the most awesome natural wonders of Great Britain.The wild slopes, steep ridges and treacherous screes of the second highest mountain in the UK attract experienced mountaineers from across the world who want to pit their climbing skills against its rugged routes.

But now the 3,560ft mountain just got a whole lot tamer after a tarmac pathway was laid on one of the ancient routes.

via ‘Mail Online

Mountain climbing types are upset at the addition of the paved path although why this keeps them from climbing the hard way I don’t know. It would be embarrassing though to emerge at the peak after a triumphant, death defying, climb and find a family with little kids having a picnic at the top.

PS: 3560 feet? The entire Intermountain West of the US is higher than that.

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