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I knew mushrooms must be good for something…

If the violin sounds good, it might be the mushrooms.

A Swiss researcher announced Thursday that treating maple wood with a certain mushroom improves its sound quality.

Speaking at a conference in Basel, Switzerland, Francis Schwarze said his maple violin, a replica of a 1698 instrument made by the Italian master Antonio Stradivari, has a sound comparable to the elusive timbre of a Stradivarius, according to a report from Agence France-Press.

Schwarze, of the Zurich-based Federal Materials, Science and Technology Institute, treated the wood with Xylaria longipes, a mushroom that grows on the bark of trees. The mushroom nibbles lightly on the wood, reducing its density and intensifying the sound, he said.

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Mushrooms ground Ryanair 737

Daily Express | UK News

A Ryanair Boeing 737, enroute from Budapest to Dublin, was forced to make an emergency landing  at Frankfurt Hahn Airport this week when a jar of mushrooms, stored in an overhead luggage bin,  leaked and dripped on a passenger with an allergy to mushrooms.

The passenger complained of choking and a swollen neck and was transported to a Frankfurt hospital for treatment.

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