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Nessie? Is that you?

Archaeologists have spent months piecing together dozens of old bones found encased in limestone on Britain’s Jurassic Coast by a fossil hunter.

After nearly completing the jigsaw-like puzzle they have disclosed that the skeleton, which is 70 per cent complete, is that of a 12ft long plesiosaur.

The marine reptile resembled the Loch Ness monster with its long thin neck and tail, four large flippers and razor-sharp teeth.

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A couple enjoying a romantic weekend in the [Scottish] Highlands believe they may have had a close encounter with the Loch Ness Monster. Experts are now investigating this latest photograph, which was taken by accident, to establish if it is in fact the Loch’s most famous resident.

Ian Monckton, from Solihull, took his fiance Tracey Gordon to a cottage in Invermoriston on the shores of the loch to celebrate her 30th birthday. On their way back to the village at about 11pm they pulled into a lay-by. The driver’s window was wound down and before the couple stopped their car they heard a commotion in the water.

Using the car headlights and the flash from his camera to check their footing on the rocky shores of the loch, data analyst Ian unwittingly recorded this picture which he hopes could be the elusive monster.

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Nessie? Bigfoot? Ogopogo?

So what do we do if any of these legendary creatures is actually found? Not to worry. As long ago as 1977 the U.S. government had a plan. You can download a pdf amd read it here.

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Rare Shark. Is this Nessie?

This video is of a real, but rare, species of shark that is little changed since prehistoric time

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Nessie’s cousin? The Lake Pepin Sea Monster.

There’s one creature in Minnesota that’s so hard to track that $50,000 reward is out for proof it exists. Ever since the 1800s, residents around Lake Pepin in Lake City, Minn. say they’ve spotted a sea monster. They call him, Pepie.

“It was very strange,” said Larry Nielson, who says he’s seen the mysterious creature. “We watched it for quite a while and we watched it for about 15 minutes and could not figure out what it might be.”

Steve Raymond shares the same story. “Now, I’m the third person who’s reported it. I distinctly remember three humps, with one hump looking like a head,” recalled Raymond about his experience on Lake Pepin.

The first sighting of the creature was in April 1871. An artist has tried to show what the monster, with a hypnotic red-eye and demon-like head, might look like. It’s said to live within the depths of Devil’s Abyss.

“So you never know what you’re going to see out here,” said Nielson. “There have been stories of something mysterious here.

More at ‘Capture’ It For $50,000

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