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How do you not notice a 54 foot tall statue?

Indira Gandhi International Airport has a new runway 29/11, commissioned in August 2008. Runway 29 is the end cleared for Category III Landing in foggy conditions, making it one of most modern in Asia.

But while the runway is technically 14,000 feet long, only 8,500 feet is available for aircraft landing from the 29 end, probably owing to a massive 54 feet (four storey) Shiva statue which sits on the flight path.

This means all flights land almost 2 km after the runway actually starts, forcing the pilots to use full brakes and reverse thrust to slow down in time for the turn off.

via Lord Shiva threatens Delhi runway.


June 5, 2010 Posted by | Airplanes, Dumb Bureaucrats | | 1 Comment