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Attention Naomi and Geoff: Look up.

“It was duskish. I saw a ball of bright white light with golden-yellowish edges about 20 feet above my head,” recalled Andrew Ulery of his encounter with a glowing orb on Park Street, when he was a freshman in high school. “It was following me for about a full minute, until I reached the bridge that crosses the railroad.” Visitors to Exeter [New Hampshire] have reported observing a pyramid of lights above this section of the railroad tracks.

Ulery, the black-bearded manager of the Loaf and Ladle, who is seldom separated from a sporty cap, said the “ball of lightning” was about the size of a basketball and he remembered “being glad I didn’t scuff my feet – that lightning thing.”

As Ulery reached the bridge, the object “just took off” and he recalled a “surreal feeling” and being mesmerized by it.

via Our Strange World.


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