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Never too old for a new career — but 6.5 tons of pot?

Nigeria’s anti-narcotics agency confiscated six and a half tons of marijuana from the home of a man who claimed to be 114-years-old.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said it had found 254 sacks of cannabis at the home of Sulaiman Adebayo in Ogun state, north of Lagos.

via Ananova – ‘Man, 114, caught with 6.5 tonnes of pot’.


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Buying a ticket would have been less costly

An international student [from Nigeria] offered police $50,000 to “forget what happened” when he was caught on a Brisbane train without a ticket, which would have cost $3.80.

Jehoiachin Onyins Ogbe, 25, ended up on bribery charges for offering police $50,000 after they caught him evading a $3.80 train fare.

He will also be deported from the country for overstaying his visa, the Brisbane District Court heard today.

More via The Courier-Mail.

$50,000? Where does a student get $50,000? Of course he is from Nigeria…

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You think this could be a scam? 2.2. pounds of gold for $19.28?

This “opportunity” just came in my email and it was too good to keep to myself.


Hello Dear,

We are small-scale local mining company in Ghana West Africa and we have Gold Dust for sale. We are looking for reliable buyer who will do long time business relationship to help us mine and get more production.

Quantity: 150kg
Quality: 23+Carrat Purity:
Price: $19.280 per kilo.
We have Rough Diamond in stock.123 to 9 Carat

with reasonable price.
Two type of Delivery:
(1) Shipment by sea

(2) Diplomatic courier service to your doorstep

We await your responds for clarifications. Thank you and God bless you,

Your faithful,
Lapaz Lima.


Diplomatic Courier Service even. How could you miss?

Oh, by the way…that bridge I bought in Brooklyn? I’ve decided to sell it. Anyone interested? (I can afford to be generous because I have won 23 lotteries in the last week alone.)

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