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Sometimes a guy just needs a break…


January 19, 2010 Posted by | animals | | Comments Off on Sometimes a guy just needs a break…

What kind of paint do you use on elephants?

Pandas are black and white furry bears, and elephants are huge, grey, thick-skinned mammals. The two species aren’t much alike, but they were combined for visitors when elephants at the Thai Royal Elephant Kraal were painted as pandas and paraded for visitors.

More at  Panda-Painted Elephants Grab Attention.

July 13, 2009 Posted by | animals | , | 2 Comments

Awww…ain’t he cute?

A 20 year old student jumped over a fence at the zoo in Guilin to give a panda a cuddle. Apparently he forgot to tell the panda first and the startled panda bit him and sent him to the hospital.

“Yangyang [the panda] was so cute and I just wanted to cuddle him,” Mr Liu was quoted as saying from his hospital bed.

via News.com.au

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