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Want to go for a ride? In a paper boat?

paper boat

A Chinese schoolteacher is preparing to cross the 112 mile-wide Taiwan Straits in a paper boat. “Not only is the whole boat made of paper, but the glue is an organic material – cooked flour soup,” he told the Straits Guidance Daily.

Zhu says his boat will be nearly 6ft long, the bottom will be 2ins thick and it will be strong enough to carry two people.

He first tested a paper boat in August 2005, sailing on the Mingjiang River for 50 miles in 11 hours, from Meishan city to Leshan city.

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Ananova – Feeling light-headed!


A Dutch artist has come up with a technique for making realistic life-size models of human heads – out of paper.

Bert Simons, 42, from Rotterdam, uses Computer Aided Design and illustration programs to make his 3D paper portraits and sculptures. He first creates a computer model of his subjects and then flattens the model into its component parts. Once a template is created he can print it out on a sheet of paper to cut out and reassemble.

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