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Stool Smuggler pigeon locked up

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A pigeon’s behind bars after being caught smuggling drugs into a high security jail in Bosnia. The bird is a pet of one of the inmates and it’s thought tiny bags containing heroin had been tied to its legs.

Wardens at Zenica prison grew suspicious when they noticed four prisoners becoming “visibly intoxicated” shortly after the pigeon was spotted landing on a window-ledge.

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The game’s afoot a-wing, Watson!


A sharp increase in drugs and cellphones found inside a Brazilian prison mystified officials — until guards spotted some distressed pigeons struggling to stay airborne.

Inmates at the prison in Marilia, Sao Paulo state had been training carrier pigeons to smuggle in goods using cell phone sized pouches on their backs, a low-tech but ingenious way of skipping the high-tech security that visitors faced.

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