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Crime tip: Don’t put your pot farm 25 feet from a police station

Police in Los Angeles recently busted a pot farm located in a building 25 feet behind a police station. How’d they know it was there? They smelled it.

via Pot Farm Found Behind Police Station, Says LAPD.

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Pot alarm

Dopey cannabis growers got busted by their own smoke alarm after plugs powering lights overheated. Neighbours on Liverpool Old Road in Walmer Bridge called the fire brigade after hearing the alarm going off in the empty house at around 10pm on Monday.

When firefighters arrived they found plugs for powerful ultra-violet lights used to boost the plants growth had been “overloaded”.

Police, who found two bedrooms filled with plants, have now launched an investigation and are hunting the growers, who were not in the house at the time.

via Lancashire Evening Post.

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Crime Tip: Growing pot? Your alarm shouldn’t call the cops.

A New Jersey dentist has been arrested by police after they discovered he had over 40 marijuana plants at his home. Nothing particularly interesting there, until you note that police made the discovery because the mans burglar alarm had gone off. The bonus points go to the alarm system that was set up to alert police directly if anyone was breaking in to the house.

via inquisitr.com.

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A new meaning for “the government pot”

More at Sri Lanka government

Sri Lanka’s government wants to grow its own marijuana.

Facing a lack of the fresh weed for use in traditional Ayurvedic medical preparations, the government ministry responsible wants to be excepted from laws that have made marijuana illegal on the Indian Ocean island since the 1890s.

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Check your old pots

Chicken pot is ancient treasure

A Chinese farmer is ecstatic after discovering a chicken feed pot he bought from a neighbour for a few pennies is a 1,000-year-old treasure. Liu Shuxuan, of Chongqing, purchased the pot from his neighbour five years ago, reports Chongqing Business Daily.

“It was broken into pieces then, but I thought the flower pattern looked very ancient, so I bought it from him for about 10 yuan 80p,” he said.

Liu glued the pieces together and took it to the Henan Provincial Cultural Relics Research Centre to determine its value. He hoped it was worth more than he paid for it – but was amazed to discover that it was a rare treasure from the Song Dynasty, dating back more than 1,000 years.


Value? About $1.5 million. Only three others are known to exist.

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Deputy Bear


Investigators in Utah say that a large black bear raided a clandestine marijuana growing operation so often that it chased the grower away. Deputies found food containers ripped apart and strewn everywhere, cans with bear teeth marks, claw marks and bear prints across the camp in Garfield County, Utah, on Tuesday.

“This bear is definitely law-enforcement minded,” said Garfield County Sheriff Danny Perkins. “If I can find this bear I’m going to deputize him.”

Perkins said the operation on Boulder Mountain included 4,000 ‘starter’ sacks of pot and 888 young plants.

“This particular bear apparently was not going to give up and basically chased these marijuana farmers away,” Perkins said.



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No point in lying. Pot is pot. (Repeat 170 times.)

More at The SouthtownStar

Michelle L. Farnum did not seem surprised when Oak Lawn police knocked on her door Monday afternoon. Asked if she knew why officers were there, the 46-year-old woman had no doubt.

“Yes, because of what I have growing in my back yard,” she said, according to police. “My marijuana plants.”

All 170 of them, according to police.

Farnum, who told officers she recently had suffered a stroke, was charged with production of marijuana and possession of marijuana, police said.

“She made a comment to the guys that she was using it for her medical issues,” Oak Lawn police Division Chief Mike Kaufmann said. “But just because of the sheer number, we had no choice but to charge her.”

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Hey! It could happen!

Priest’s gift from God

A Bulgarian priest is to go under police surveillance – because of a field of cannabis he claims is a gift from God.

Father Cyril Papudov has been arrested seven times but police have never caught him actually cultivating the crop. He claims the cannabis seeded by itself and is part of God’s gift of nature and nothing to do with him.

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What better place to grow pot than at a drug clinic?

Link to The Local

Around 100 huge cannabis plants have been dug up and removed from the grounds of an addiction clinic in Neuss, near Düsseldorf.

Police spokesman Willi Arnold told the Express newspaper, “It concerned a plantation which was hidden in the clinic grounds, along a wall. The two-metre plants will now be examined and then destroyed.”

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It’s the Church of the Blessed Smoke, man.


A man who claims he is an ordained minister was busted with almost half a kilo of pot yesterday during a traffic stop on Hwy. 11 near Bracebridge.

“Rev.” Michel Nathier, 53, of the Church of the Universe, admitted he was smoking a joint when the OPP officer pulled him over but said he was committing a holy act. “It’s a sacrament,” Nathier said in an interview after he was released from custody with a Sept. 2 court date.

Nathier said he has about 300 followers… who believe that marijuana is the blessed plant mentioned in the Bible as the “tree of life.”


His “church” has three hundred members  and two rules: “Don’t hurt yourself” and “Don’t hurt others”. Can’t argue with that. The Rev has been arrested 10 times and has spent three years in the tokey pokey. Oh, and the pot doesn’t get you high, it “enlightens” you.

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Got $4.7M worth of marijuana? It’s a good idea to obey traffic laws.

More at toledoblade.com

A Naperville, Ill., man was arraigned yesterday in Maumee Municipal Court after authorities seized 104 pounds of marijuana valued at $4.7 million from his vehicle during a traffic stop Tuesday on the Ohio Turnpike.


After the law is done with him it seems likely that the guys he was transporting the pot for will want to have a little “chat” too.

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Well, it’s a likely sounding story… not

An unsuspecting passenger who flew to Tokyo has a large package of cannabis in their luggage – courtesy of a bungled [Japanese] Customs training exercise.

An officer at Narita International Airport yesterday stuffed 142 grams of the drug into the side pocket of a randomly-selected black suitcase coming off an overseas flight so that the animal could detect it.

“The dog couldn’t find it and the officer also forgot which bag he put it in,” a Customs office spokeswoman said.


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