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“Art gallery is rubbish”— literally

gallery is ‘rubbish’

Two artists have beaten the credit crunch by building a gallery completely out of rubbish. German designers Folke Koebberling and Martin Kaltwasser saved a fortune by using waste wood to create the gallery in the Cambridgeshire countryside.

Volunteers helped to build the two-storey octagonal space in just six weeks using old doors, windows, furniture and school desks donated by the local community.

“We’re very proud of the gallery. It’s the first building we’ve made totally out of garbage and has cost next to nothing to make,” said Folke. “It looks like a mix between a barn, a cathedral and a monastery.”

…Timber, including 500 pallets, was contributed by locals and more than 40 volunteers helped to turn the rubbish into the building, which comes complete with a greenhouse conservatory.

“All the materials they used were either donated or found and would otherwise have gone into land fill,” said Donna Lynas, director of Wysing. “I think people are keen to recycle and see their rubbish put to good use.

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Want a job peering into garbage cans in the night?

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Local council bin police wearing head lamps are prowling neighbourhoods in the middle of the night to check whether residents are recycling. At least one contractor hired by the City of Monash in Melbourne has been threatened with the sack after peering into rubbish bins by torchlight and spooking elderly homeowners at 1am.

It is understood several other councils pay bin cops to hunt down rogue recyclers.

City of Monash spokeswoman Jodie Harrison confirmed a “rubbish auditor” had been warned to switch to more reasonable hours after “freaking out” residents.

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