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TSA makes the Naughty List for sure!

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Ho Ho Ho! (Repeat 240 times.)

Michael Huffman believes. He believes in the spirit of Santa Claus. He believes in the Christmas story. He believes in cozy feeling he gets when the radio slips into its Christmas rotation and the lights appear in the windows of homes he passes on his way to work at Hickory Business Furniture.

Huffman has lights, too. There’s a candle and a wreath in each window, glowing Christmas statues in the yard and flowerbeds draped in white fabric to look like snow. The mailbox says North Pole. The real sight is inside, where he spends two weeks carefully placing more than 240 stuffed, ceramic, plastic and wooden likenesses of Santa Claus in his Victorian den, his country kitchen, the bedroom with a European flair and the beach-themed hallway, where a Santa doll wears red swimming trunks and his black boots.

More at Claus collector boasts more than 240 Santas.

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And a Merry Christnas to you too, officer


Santa Claus has added a New York City traffic agent to his naughty list after she gave him a ticket while [he was] delivering gifts to children. Chip Cafiero says he’ll fight the $115 ticket he received in Brooklyn on Black Friday when he was dressed as Santa.

The 60-year-old retired schoolteacher was riding a horse-drawn carriage and handing out toys and candy canes. An SUV carrying the toys and protecting the horse from traffic was double parked next to him.

Santa says he yelled “Ho! Ho! Ho!” to get the traffic agent’s attention because the SUV wasn’t blocking traffic. But in his words, “This grinch just went ahead and fined me.”

Local politician Martin Golden calls the parking ticket “ridiculous.”

Police won’t comment on it.

via MyFox Atlanta

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Anonymous Santa


A “secret Santa” left hundreds of presents outside a church in Sterling Virginia Sunday morning, including the hope that the gifts would bring Christmas joy to children in this difficult economic time.

Rev. Wayne Snead found the pile of toys when he arrived Sunday morning, along with a note saying that the toys should go to less-fortunate children in these rough economic times.

via MyFox Washington DC

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The Grinch is alive and well in Daytona Beach


The city of Daytona Beach, Florida, has banned Santa from walking up and down a street handing out candy canes and dispensing Ho Ho Ho’s to passersby. According to code enforcement officials Santa is an animated sign which is illegal in Daytona Beach. The store owner that sponsors the jolly old elf has been sent a warning that she will be fined if Santa is still there come Monday morning.

Did I mention that this has been going on for several years with no problem? Apparently code enforcement didn’t want to rush into anything.

via WFTV Orlando

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