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Sounds like the father of your first girl friend…

He was 10 feet tall, with a long beard and yellowish-blond hair, Tim Peeler says.

And in the early-morning hours of June 5, Peeler told authorities, the creature – a Cleveland County version of Bigfoot – wandered onto Peeler’s property in the rural northwest part of the county.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has filed the case as a “suspicious person report” but says it is keeping an open mind.

via CharlotteObserver.com.

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Sasquatch story

Today, in my email, I received a copy of a newsletter from Oregonbigfoot.com that has one of the best Sasquatch encounter stories I have seen. Whether fact or fiction it is a good read. Here’s a short excerpt:

“For several moments I just stared!  Bare, humanoid foot prints that measured just over eighteen inches in length with a stride that I, at six feet, four inches could not begin to emulate.  For me, a full stride, left and right is exactly five feet in length.  I’ve measured it time and again in my capacity as a forester.  The stride on this creature was well over eight feet in length!  That was an awesome stride!  My first inclination, after regaining mobility, was to follow them to see where they led, and, hopefully, what was making them.”

Do I believe this story? Yes, I do because of an experience that I personally had forty years ago, at night, in the forests of central Washington State. Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant and doesn’t really matter to me. It’s a good read either way.

Link to more

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BC Bigfoot

Our Strange World

Tales of a giant, hairy ape-like creature tramping through the woods are running wild in a northern interior B.C. town after a rash of sasquatch sightings.

There have been three reported sightings in the area within a month

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Drive carefully…They have short tempers when run over.

Probably in Colorado? They have other Bigfoot Crossing signs.

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8 feet tall

More at  8 feet tall’

A trip to pick blueberries last week bagged something much larger for a Grassy Narrows [Canada] woman and her mother.

On July 22, Helen Pahpasay and her mother left the Ontario First Nation, located about 80 km northeast of Kenora, to go berry picking. While driving in their truck to a spot about 25 km north of Grassy Narrows, Pahpasay said she spotted a tall, black creature roughly 15 metres ahead.

“It looked about eight feet tall and it was upright,” she said.

Pahpasay said she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her until her mother confirmed she was seeing the same thing in front of them.

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Mysterious Monsters prize

Mysterious Monsters – Yahoo! News

Bigfoot and lake monsters, beware: There’s a price on your heads.

Binocular manufacturer Bushnell, along with “Field & Stream” magazine, have teamed up to offer $1 million to anyone who can “provide an unaltered photograph/video, verified and substantiated by a panel of scientific experts [including a zoologist and biologist], the evidence required to prove a Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Yeti exists.”

The contest started a few days ago and ends Dec. 15, but before heading out to claim your million, note that the rules’ fine print states that they are not liable for any injury incurred during a Bigfoot attack. A good quality Bigfoot image would make history; most photos are of such consistently poor quality that within the Bigfoot research community there’s even a name for a typical blurry “Bigfoot” image: blobsquatch.

This is, of course, a marketing promotion and not a genuine search for Bigfoot. There’s no way to authenticate a Bigfoot photograph by itself; the image is simply a two-dimensional pattern of pixels. To truly prove a Bigfoot exists, you’d need corroborating hard evidence like a body, teeth, or bones.

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