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Fat-bottomed smuggler seized…at (where else?) El Prat airport

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Customs officers [in Spain] arrested a smuggler with six and a half kilos of cocaine hidden in his shorts after becoming suspicious of his big bum.

Officials at El Prat de Llobregat airport, Barcelona, forced him to strip and found specially made pants with dozens of tiny pockets sewn in to hold the drugs. The green neoprene pants contained more than 160 pockets for canisters of cocaine.

via Ananova – Fat-bottomed smuggler seized.

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One for the birds


MAY 5–Two California men were indicted today on federal charges that they illegally smuggled Asian songbirds into the country, most recently last month when one of the defendants, returning from a trip to Vietnam, was found with 14 live birds strapped to his legs.

via The smoking gun

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Stool Smuggler pigeon locked up

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A pigeon’s behind bars after being caught smuggling drugs into a high security jail in Bosnia. The bird is a pet of one of the inmates and it’s thought tiny bags containing heroin had been tied to its legs.

Wardens at Zenica prison grew suspicious when they noticed four prisoners becoming “visibly intoxicated” shortly after the pigeon was spotted landing on a window-ledge.

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