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See that big eye in the sky? That’s the UK watching its’ people

A new type of speed cameras which can use satellites to measure average speed over long distances are being tested in Britain. The cameras, which combine number plate reading technology with a global positioning satellite receiver, are similar to those used in roadworks.

The AA said it believed the new system could cover a network of streets as opposed to a straight line, and was “probably geared up to zones in residential areas.”

More via New speed cameras trap motorists from space – Telegraph.

I used to think that England was a free country but I’m beginning to question that with the 24/7  police surveillance that they seem to be working toward.

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Six miles??

UK News

The [UK]  war on drivers is moving up a gear with a high-tech speed camera that tracks cars for up to six miles. The long-reach traps will enforce limits over large stretches, including motorways, accident blackspots and some residential areas.

But critics last night claimed the equipment was just another cash cow to swell Government coffers.

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