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Someone in Colorado believes in the direct approach

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Muppet caught speeding in Bavaria

Is there an “Animal” endangering the streets of Bavaria? Police traffic cameras recently captured a puppet speeding, but the culprit turned out to be a hot-footed British driver with a sense of humour.

“It was funny when the photo came in for processing and it appeared that no one was at the wheel, but it was an English car, which means the driver’s seat is on the other side, so the camera didn’t catch the actual driver’s face,” the Bayreuth police spokesperson told The Local on Wednesday.

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I didn’t know Renaults were that hot.

A Romanian driver was stunned to receive a speeding ticket – for driving his 15-year-old Renault at 310mph. Driver Toader Moise, 62, was told he had clocked up the incredible speed in the narrow, bendy streets of the mountain city of Sinaia.

The car, which had a maximum speed of 110mph when it was brand new, is up for sale but Mr Moise is now considering upping the price.

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