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Hands off my peanuts, Dude!

The teeth are bared, the claws outstretched. Even his whiskers seem to bristle with animosity.

If anyone still thinks grey squirrels are cuddly little critters, here’s an image to prove them wrong.

via  Mail Online.

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Give a squirrel enough rope…

Arizona is spending $1.25 million to build bridges for endangered squirrels over a mountain road so they don’t become roadkill and then monitor their health. The expenditure is expected to save the lives of five squirrels a year.

The money is being spent, officials said, because cars kill about five of these squirrels each year.While most suburbanites may be baffled why anyone would protect a pesky squirrel, these are Mount Graham red squirrels, a breed once thought to be extinct. Only 250 of them are known to live near the top of Mount Graham.

The Federal Highway Administration grant will be used to build rope bridges over the lone road through the squirrels’ habitat, according to Arizona Department of Transportation

via Arizona Spends $1.25 Million on Endangered Squirrels – ABC News.

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You set the camera timer, pose and then…

This couple set up their camera, set the timer, posed and then this squirrel popped up in front of the camera just as the timer went off. That’s Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park, Canada, in the background.


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Picture 4Via Fark.com

Caption via me

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Squirrel 5, Homeowner 0

Democrat and Chronicle

[Rochester, NY] Paramedics treated five people for exposure to pepper spray after a man tried to force a squirrel out of his Durnan Street house Sunday by spraying it with the substance.

Emergency crews were called to the house about 4:45 p.m. and washed out the victims’ eyes, said Deputy Fire Chief Scott Williams of the Rochester Fire Department.

Firefighters put fans throughout the house to flush out the pepper-spray-filled air.

“When the fire department went in and opened up all of the windows, the squirrel decided to leave,” Williams said. “I guess he figured his work there was done.”

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$200,000 squirrel overpass bridge…tax money at work

Ministers are planning to build a £100,000 wildlife bridge over a new road to protect Scotland’s dwindling red squirrel population.

The 375ft Kingcausie Wildlife Overbridge will span a section of the new Aberdeen bypass, near the ancient Cleanill Wood.

It will allow squirrels and other wildlife to safely scamper above the road.


Now they’ll need to hire someone to teach the squirrels to use it.

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