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Tank driving tip: Don’t fall asleep

Red faced army officials have apologised after a tank left a trail of destruction when its driver nodded off at the controls.

The South Korean military vehicle was returning from an all night training exercise near the North Korean border when it suddenly accelerated and veered off the road.

The massive tank crushed two cars before ploughing into four trucks as terrified drivers and pedestrians ran for cover.

via Ananova – Chaos after tank driver nods off.

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It takes a lot of rain to move a tank…

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Heavy rains have washed a Second World War Russian tank ashore in the Danube River in Austria. Munitions experts in Bad Deutsch deactivated 50 live shells, grenades and machine gun rounds before the machine was taken to a military museum.

Central Europe has been hit by record rainfall in the last week and experts believe this coupled with increased boat traffic could have dislodged the tank after 65 years at the bottom of the river.

via Ananova – Rain washes tank ashore.

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No right-of-way problems here…

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A German family has bought a six-tonne tank to use for shopping and day trips. Dad Joachim Schoeneich has even fitted a baby seat to the British-built Fox tank for his two-year-old son Paul.

The tank is armed with a disabled 30mm gun and has three-inch thick armour plating.

“We take the tank to go shopping and little trips,” laughed Joachim, from Neu Anspach. “It is a bit hard to find a parking place, but we get right of way at every junction.”

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