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Tonka Turtle

Picture 19

Meet the tortoise on wheels who could give any hare a run for its money despite having her leg bitten off by a dog.

When vets found the female wild red-footed tortoise her left front leg was in tatters and they feared she would never be able to move properly again.

But after patching her up one rescuer had an ingenious idea to help the little reptile – using wheels from a child’s toy truck.

More at  The fastest tortoise on THREE legs:

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How do you pin a badge on a tortoise?

TechRadar UK

It’s been a strange week for tracking tech. In an unlikely turn of events, police arrested a suspected marijuana-grower after a box tortoise with a GPS tracker attached to its shell accidentally strayed slowly into a secret cannabis patch.

The tortoise was being tracked for “research purposes” in a park in Washington DC, local news reported… A ranger in charge of the reptile made the discovery when he retrieved it from a remote area of the park. US Park Police set up surveillance and later arrested a 19-year-old teenager on suspicion of growing the plants.

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