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Oops!? Not really. He knew it all along.

the Daily Mail

A [Cornwall] man who built a home-made boat in his back garden over five years was left scratching his head after discovering he’d made it too big for him to get it out.

Trained engineer, John Melling, started building the 30-feet Trimaran yacht at the bottom of his back garden five years ago – but it has now outgrown its home and is proving a problem to move.

Mr Melling, who works as a financial adviser, has completed the sleek vessel, which is 26 feet wide, and has grown so big that it has become wedged behind the fence at his home in Tywardreath in Cornwall.

Actually he knew all the time that it would be too big to get out. Originally he had planned to have the RAF airlift it out. Seems they used to do that sort of thing as a training exercise but no longer do. So now he plans to take the fence down in order to get it out.

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