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…And you thought plumbing was boring?

The day after Thanksgiving, always busy for retail stores, also is the busiest day of the year for Roto-Rooter, a national plumbing and drain service that reports about 50 percent more calls, nationwide, than on any other Friday…

Ask Benjamin Franklin’s local plumbers what they have seen down drains, and you’ll get all sorts of answers: Eggshells – Cat litter – Potato peels – Hot Wheels cars – A headless Barbie doll – Grease buildup – A diamond ring – And plenty of cell phones in toilet lines.

“Cell phones are famous for plugging up bathrooms,” said Joel Mullen, operations manager for Ace-Hi Plumbing. “Especially at Wal-Mart.”

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There! That’ll show WalMart and Lowes! What?! Wait!

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Walt Neidlinger spent years trying to keep a Wal-Mart-anchored shopping complex from being built near his Wind Gap [Pennsylvania] home.

The traffic would have been suffocating for their little community, neighbors argued, so when the massive retailer and its partners packed up their plans and left Plainfield Township last year, Neidlinger was ecstatic. He figured he’d wait for the next plan to come along and remembers thinking, ”What could be worse than Wal-Mart?”

Over the past year, Neidlinger says, he’s gotten an answer: RPM Recycling — the metal-shredding plant on the same land — causes daily noise that sounds like a freight train rumbling down the street, and frequent explosions that shake his walls.

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