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Wedding couple get buzzed — literally

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A Chinese couple have got married wearing clothes made of thousands of living bees.

Li Wenhua and Yan Hongxia are both enthusiastic beekeepers and work for the Nanhu forestry commission at Ning’an city in northern China.

via Ananova – Bee my wife.

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Hold the onions…

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Two fast food addicts celebrated their marriage with their dream wedding cake – a 42lb cheeseburger. Tom and Kerry Watts’ mammoth burger was nearly half a metre wide and weighed the equivalent of about 100 quarter pounders.

It was the highlight of the couple’s wedding reception which was held at Zak’s American diner in Norwich.

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Winging it marriage

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A daredevil couple are celebrating after getting hitched 1,000 feet in the air – on the wings of two planes.

Darren McWalters, 24, was strapped to the top wing of a biplane while his 23-year-old bride Katie Hodgson, wearing a traditional dress, flew alongside on the wing of an identical plane.

Rev George Bringham flew ahead on the wings of a third aircraft and married the couple – over an airborne communications system – with proceedings played through loud speakers to the congregation below, reports The Daily Telegraph.

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Well, what can you expect for only $4000?

bum wedding

A bride is suing a designer after her £2,000 wedding dress came apart on her big day, leaving her bum on display at the altar.

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