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Turn a senior citizen into an air hockey puck

Researchers at Japan’s Kobe Gakuin University have developed a prototype for a fascinating new ‘wheelchair’ that doesn’t require wheels.Instead it utilizes an air compressor that spouts jets of air out of several openings laced on the bottom of device, thereby creating a cushion of air that, in essence, makes the chair hover over the ground.This in turn drastically reduces the polarizing effects of friction, thereby allowing the user to more easily navigate to his or her destination.It’s being built primarily for elderly citizens seeking improved mobility, but it hosts the potential to one day revolutionize the entire handicapped industry.The folks at Kobe Gakuin University still have leaps and bounds to cross, though, as the levitating chair currently only works on shiny flat surfaces, which means granddaddy won’t be able to exit the foyer.

via It’s a Plane… It’s a Bird… It’s a Levitating Senior Citizen!.

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Dachshund pusher

Dachshund pushes wheelchair

A dachshund dog has become a local celebrity in China for his skills in pushing a wheelchair. Two-year-old Guai Guai runs underneath the wheelchair pushing the foot rests with his front legs.

He is so small – and fast – that many passers-by assume the wheelchair is motorised, reports Dahe Network

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