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You tell him he looks silly. I’m busy.

…we are reasonably sure…that this is the only time you will see a 6-foot-4, 320-pound NFL defender driving a tiny convertible smart car … with the Hello Kitty logo on it.

via Shutdown Corner

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Indian train pulls a wrong way Corrigan, travels 980km wrong way

More than a thousand furious rail passengers stormed a station office after they noticed the train they were on had gone 980km (588 miles) in the WRONG direction.

As the packed service pulled into the Indian city of Warangal people on board went berserk as they realised they were five hours away from where they should have been and no staff on board had noticed.

More via Mail Online

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Well, an axe murderer knows how to use an axe.

Thomas McCulloch, who killed three people with an axe in 1976, has been permitted trips out of prison in Scotland to complete a course involving cutting down trees and shrubs.

via Metro.co.uk.

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And speaking of re-entering satellites…

“We saw a big ball of fire rushing across the sky and a little spark came off of it,” recalls Tulsan Lottie Williams…

“I felt a little tap on the back of my left shoulder and I thought someone was just trying to get my attention, and I knew everybody else that I walked with were nowhere near me to be doing that,” says Williams. “I turned around and looked back because you could hear it hit the ground.”

via  FOX23 News

It turned out to be a small piece of the second stage of a Delta II booster re-entering the atmosphere. There’s lots more at the link. She is the only person ever to be hit by a piece of re-entering debris.

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A modern kitchen if you live in the1830’s

To all those who own estates in North Wales, try rummaging through your basement. You might find a perfectly intact Victorian kitchen from the 1830’s, complete with a cooking range, pots, pans, antique fire extinguishers, a spit for roasting pigs and enough tables and benches to seat a team of twenty servants.

More pictures and lots more text at Squid Ink

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Mushrooms not for eating, just looking

A stall in Gurun is making heads turn among motorists on the highway from here to Sungai Petani. This is because colourful “toadstools” of various sizes adorn this modest premises owned by Abdul Naaim Azaddin.The 48-year-old entrepreneur is successfully running a business producing decorative toadstools made of plastic pipes and coconut shells.

via Man’s hobby mushrooms to big business.

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Talk about a bad lie…

Source unknown

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Do you have to walk on your hands in this house?

Anyone with a little time to kill on the way to or from Incheon airport should head to Geokkuro Jip “Upside down house” for an unusual photo op.

This curious upside down house was built by its owner and former clothing designer, 51-year-old Jeon Yong-sun, who designed the house himself.

via CNNGo.com.

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Avast, mateys! It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day! ARRRR!

Today’s the day, Mateys! Time to unleash your inner pirate. (Brought to you by the letter ARRRR!)

The official webpage is here.

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There’s a Cup Noodles Museum?



12 pictures and article at   Yahoo! News.

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Zombies in 8th century Ireland

Halloween is still more than one month away but archeologists working in Ireland have uncovered a couple of 8th century human skeletons that point to a ghoulish story.

The skeletons, dug up between 2005 and 2009 at Kilteasheen, near Loch Key in Ireland, were found with stones stuck into their mouths. Researchers examining the remains suggest this may have been related to a belief among the locals that this practice would prevent the dead from returning to walk the Earth as zombies.

More via  CBS News.

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Aliens made human faced pig! Oh? Really? (Thanks, Geoff.)

Although it is just probably another case of hydrocephalus, residents of Santa Cruz El Chol in Guatemala are convinced that beings from outer space should be blamed for the newborn freak of the nature – piglet with human head.Locals claim strange bright lights were hovering in the sky on the night of its birth, which sounds interesting, but still this abnormality may not be extraterrestrial deed.

via Aliens Blamed for Newborn Pig With Human Head Video.

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Belmont’s first three winners were #9, #1 and #1

On the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks on Sunday, horses wearing the numbers 9, 1 and 1 won the first three races at Belmont.

via NYC Winners on 9/11.

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Pacific Ocean near Sydney a Foamy brine

This is definitely one of the strangest natural phenomenon I’ve ever read about.Just imagine dumping enough dish-washing liquid into the ocean to turn all the waves into light and fluffy soap bubbles that are soft enough to blow out of your hand into the air…Well, that’s basically what happened off the coast of Yamba in New South Wales!

More via One Man’s Blog.

And here

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Honestly, Officer, There’s a Drunk Moose Stuck In A Tree

Rescue workers had their hands full on Tuesday night when an apparently drunk moose got itself stuck in a tree in Gothenburg, Sweden. Police believe that the moose became tipsy after ingesting a few too many fermented apples.

“I thought at first that someone was having a laugh.” Per Johansson, who first spotted the animal, told Swedish newspaper The Local. “Then I went over to take a look and spotted an elk stuck in an apple tree with only one leg left on the ground.”

…Some animals in the region are known to get drunk during the fall on overripe fruit that fall from trees and naturally ferment on the ground.

via Drunk Swedish Moose Gets Stuck In A Tree

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Boise man don’t need no stinking gun…

A Boise man who caught someone trying to steal two guns from his unlocked pickup chased him down and sat on him until police arrived.

via OregonLive.com.

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Washington State Troopers lead glamorous lives. Well, except for the fish heads.

Fish head served in Japan

Image via Wikipedia

Washington State troopers lead glamourous lives  helping stranded motorists, straightening out traffic messes and chasing the occasional neer-do-well.

But it might be hard to convince Trooper Jaime Arnold of the glamour part after he spent 10 minutes shoveling fish heads off Interstate 5 recently.

A state Transportation Department camera shows him scooping the fish heads and moving them off the highway, even dodging cars entering from an onramp as he makes repeated trips to the side of the road.

via Weird news – msnbc.com.

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Blimp eye in the sky

A Utah city (Ogden) hopes a new airborne crime fighting tool will be ready to fly by Christmas: a 54-foot-long, camera-studded blimp capable of monitoring crime scenes or joining a search…

The Ogden police department has already bought the aircraft with federal grants, and…hopes to begin training by Oct. 1, the Standard-Examiner reported.The 4-foot-diameter, helium-filled blimp will be operated by remote control and be outfitted with cameras, a radar transponder and other devices.

via Weird news – msnbc.com.

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Let sleeping bats lie.

The students at Csiky Gergely high school in the western Romanian city of Arad were about to take an exam Friday morning when they found bats flying around the room. Others appeared to be sleeping with their wings spread out on the floor.

The bats were thought to have flown in through open windows. Rather than disturb their slumber the test was moved to another class room. Well hey. It’s Transylvania after all.

via msnbc.com.

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Must still be working on a learner’s permit

The McCarthy family of Pleasanton, California, have an unusual explanation for how their 2002 Toyota Prius got totalled over the northern summer.

In short, a bear took the vehicle for a spin from the driveway of their west Lake Tahoe cabin, the Contra Costa Times said.

It seems the bear got into the car easily enough, but once inside became stuck, and got mad about it – ripping seats open, biting a chunk out of the steering wheel and damaged the gear box, which shifted the car into neutral.

Awakened by noise from the 3.30am raid, the family watched from the safety of the cabin as the Prius slowly started rolling out of the slightly sloped driveway. Picking up speed, it rolled across the street, hopped a small rock wall and finally came to stop on the porch steps of a neighbour’s house.

More via  News.com.au.

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