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How do you find a ghost’s phone number?

It's a ghost!

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When modern technology combines with good old-fashioned ghostbusting, the result is a series of paranormal phone apps that might help tech-savvy ghost hunters detect other-worldly presences without the need for costly equipment.

A number of spirit-seeking cellphone apps have hit the market in the past few years, including EVP Analyzer, which records sounds believed by some to be voices from the beyond, Paranormal State EMF Detector, which scans electromagnetic fields for alleged spirits or ghosts and Ghost Radar, a radar-influenced app said to use electromagnetic fields, vibrations and sounds to point users toward apparitions.

via Paranormal Phone Apps (Links to apps are here too.)

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Boy Ghost admires ice sculpture?

A unique ice sculpture, recently photographed by a surprised hotel manager in Lake Lure, North Carolina, appears to have had another observer standing nearby while the photo was taken. The individual in question, however, wasn’t really the kind you’d have noticed while taking such a picture: after all, some say it was actually a ghost that only the camera’s lens had managed to see.

via Boyish Ghost Appears in Wedding Photo

Video of news report at the link

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Jumping Ghost of Peckham

In 1871 and 1872, there was a series of ghost scares in Peckham, south London, and its vicinity. In November and December 1871, a ‘ghost’ had been breaking windows at night, but this vandalism ceased after the arrest of a ‘foreigner’ with a catapult. In April and May 1872, there was another window-breaking epidemic, which was blamed on a 13-year-old girl named Nott, who was caught red-handed and severely fined the month after.

via Fortean Times.

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Ghosts audition for Simon Cowell of X-Factor

X Factor judges — and former Idol cohorts — Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul had an encounter of the supernatural kind last week when they unknowingly checked into a haunted hotel in Dallas during their show’s audition tour.

Intending to stay at The Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa during their time in town, the judges — including L.A. Reid — didn’t last long at the luxury digs.

via UsMagazine.com.

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…And more ghosts

My daughter was just taking pictures of her children larking about with her new phone, when she saw that the first photo of her two boys had a halo over both of them,’ said Sirus’s grandmother Julie Smith, 52.

‘She thought, “This isn’t right” and deleted it – and it was when she took the next picture that we noticed Sirus’s little playmate.

What was quite strange is she put it on to Facebook, and within an hour it must have had about 20 comments – but then it disappeared off the site.’

Ms Smith denies the photo is faked, insisting no one in her family has the technical know-how to mock up a forgery.

via Boy Captured with Ghost Playmate


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Godot’s Ghost?

Patrick Stewart’s claim that he witnessed an apparition while performing in Waiting for Godot at the Theatre Royal Haymarket will come as no surprise to the acting fraternity. We are used to seeing deathly-white individuals wringing their hands in ghastly torment – even if it’s just accountants scanning our tax returns.

The surprise is that it’s taken Stewart so long: there’s hardly a venue in the country that doesn’t have a resident ghost. Many of them are happy to appear twice nightly and provide their own costume into the bargain…

London theatres are bursting at the seams with spectres. The Lyceum reputedly boasts a severed head, occasionally glimpsed in one of the boxes. The Theatre Royal Drury Lane has some of the hardest working ghosts in Equity: not only the mysterious man in grey who strolls about between 6pm and 9pm, but also the ghosts of Dan Leno, Joseph Grimaldi and King Charles complete with attendants

via  guardian.co.uk

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Elderly lady ghost: Her smile…went from ear to ear

Hillhaven Nursing Home in Marceline, Mo., sits vacant, a haven for vandals and skittering rodents.

However, in the dark of night, this three-story, crumbling brick edifice is not quiet.

via From the Shadows.

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Attn. Parkland Library: Look around. See if you have a secret chamber too.


The National Library (of India) has always been reputed to (be) haunted. Now, here is a really eerie secret. A mysterious room has been discovered in the 250-year-old building, a room that no one knew about and no one can enter because it seems to have no opening of kind, not even trapdoors.

The chamber has lain untouched for over two centuries. Wonder what secrets it holds. The archaeologists who discovered it have no clue either, their theories range from a torture chamber, or a sealed tomb for an unfortunate soul or, the most favoured of all, a treasure room. Some say they wouldn’t be surprised if both skeletons and jewels tumble out of the secret room.

More via Secret chamber in National Library – The Times of India

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Can ghosts get library cards?

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood library, who ya gonna call?The Scottsdale Public Library called ghost hunters Sonoran Paranormal Investigations Inc. to check out its Arabian and Civic Center branches to see whether they are haunted.

Scottsdale library paranormal activities”I’ve had books fly at me, so I’ve seen it. I mean, you’re just standing there. You just say, ‘OK, it’s because I walked by.’ You always justify what it is,” librarian Colleen Gorman said.

via Scottsdale libraries investigated by ghost hunters.

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Real “spirits bar”? Ghost face in the window.

There are no shortage of spirits at this country pub – after regulars captured this chilling image of a ghostly face peering in through a window.

The haunting apparition suddenly appeared on the back door of the 15th century Bells Inn at Almeley, Herefordshire, before disappearing within seconds.

Stunned Lisa Lewis took a snap of the image, which clearly shows the eyes, nose, mouth and chin of a ghoulish figure.

via Spirits bar: Ghostly face captured in country pub | swns.com.

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Ghost Story Uncovers Mass Grave

There have always been ghost stories surrounding the Main Line Mine incident in Pennsylvania, but few suspected that these ghost stories would in time actually lead to the discovery of a mass grave. And even when the mass grave was discovered, no one would have suspected those buried at the site would have been murdered under suspicious circumstances some 200 years ago.

The story begins almost a world away on a ship known as the John Stamp arriving for the United States loaded with Irish immigrants bent on building a new life in America.  As they disembarked from the ship with the Statue of Liberty seen in the distance, several Irish workers would meet the man who would ultimately lead them down a short road to their deaths.

via Ghost Story Uncovers Mass Grave.

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For some strange reason the cops aren’t buying this speeding excuse

It could be one of the most bizarre reasons ever offered by a speeding driver: a ghost made me do it! But that is exactly the story being put forward by superstitious motorists hitting speeds of up to 112 mph on a road north of Newcastle, New South Wales in an effort to conjure up a ghost, The Sydney Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.

More via Motorists Speeding To Conjure Ghost Of Dead Motorcyclist.

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Grandma’s ghost? You decide.

A Lufkin (Texas) woman claims she saw the ghost of her mother-in-law standing behind her dancing daughter this week.Dezarae Smith’s 6-year-old daughter, Ivy, and husband, Corey, were on the front porch of their home on Wednesday when a young boy took a picture of the two with his cell phone.

“They were going fishing, and my daughter asked this little boy to take a picture of her while she was dancing,” Smith said. “There were only three people on the porch at the time. I was at work when the picture was taken, but when I saw it, my mouth just dropped. I don’t believe in ghosts, but it made a believer out of me.”

A form stands behind the little girl in the picture, and Smith said you can see the outline of a woman’s face, nose and eyes, as well as a hand.

via Our Strange World.

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BOOO! What happens in Vegas…

Clairvoyants, mediums and psychics worldwide are invited to contact spirits in a major nonviolent protest of an annual convention of skeptics taking place at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas July 8-11, 2010.

“For too long, paranormal skeptics have mocked people with a curiosity about ghosts, spirits and the afterlife. The Million Ghost March has been conceived as an opportunity to turn the tables on these unimaginative naysayers. It is a march to defy logic,” said Doc Paranormal, Adjunct Professor Without Portfolio at Edgar Allan Poe Community College, the event’s chief sponsor.

via Supernatural News.

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Ghost radio (Keep in mind this is from The Sun)

A vintage wireless radio is spooking listeners by playing sounds from World War 2 – even though it has had no power for decades.Witnesses claim they have heard Winston Churchill speeches and Glenn Miller big-band music over the SCARE-waves from the 70-year-old Pye model. But the 1940s’ set doesn’t even have a plug attached – and its interior is full of dust and cobwebs

via The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News

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That’s the spirit, guys…literally.

Malaysian cops have reported that a ghostly apparition of a woman with long hair in a white dress has been haunting their police lock-up.According to the Harian Metro, the ghost has apparently been disturbing officers on night duty at the Betong district police headquarters about 150km from Kuching, and it has also been seen around the police station.

via Female ghost in Malaysian police lock-up giving cops nightmares.

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“While strolling through the park one day…”

United Kingdom – The father of two was walking thought Kelsey Park in Beckenham, Kent, when he spotted the phantom appear behind a park bench.

The 46-year-old said he was walking pet pooch Harry in the park this week when the spook – a woman wearing Victorian-style dress – suddenly materialized.

He said that Harry came to an abrupt standstill the moment the spirit appeared and refused to budge.

“It was really spooky,” he said.

via Our Strange World.

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“Ghost hunting is serious business”…lucrative too

…Ghostly folklore has always played a role in British history. Buildings ranging from Hampton Court – where the ghost of Catherine Howard has allegedly been seen running from room to room, pursued by guards, as she did before her execution – to the Bank of England are believed to be haunted.

But lately, ghost tours have turned into serious enterprise, with a handful of companies charging as much as 200 pounds (US $401) for paranormal adventures. ‘The British have always loved a really good ghost story – look at Dickens and M.R. James,’ says Fright Night’s founder, Martin Jeffrey. ‘This takes it one step further. Some people have attended our events 60 or 70 times.’

More via Ghost hunting is serious business.

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Creepy voices from Frank’s Box in Lizzie’s house

It’s midnight, and Christopher Moon is hunched over his laptop computer in the cold, dark basement of the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast. He says he is listening to the voices of the dead.

Initially, there are no surprises. Moon first heard the voices earlier that night, two floors up, in the bedroom where Abigail Durfee Gray Borden was hacked to death with a hatchet in August of 1892. Now, he is playing back the audio of that session so he and a room of paranormal investigators can hone in on not only what was said, but who said it.

The words are choppy and abrasive to the ear as they are blasted from a set of speakers, but everyone is in rapt attention. The group hears static, white noise and occasional fragments from local radio stations, all picked up by a wooden, cigar box-like machine adorned with knobs and packed with wires – a device Moon calls the Telephone to the Dead.

But every few seconds, between and over all the noise, throaty voices, almost urgent in their clarity and speed, spout specific answers to direct questions. The voices are distinct, consistent and almost jolting in the way they stand out from the clatter.

via Our Strange World.

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Dead Counseling

Dutch prisons are employing psychics to put jailed criminals in touch with their dead relatives.

Paul van Bree, a self-styled “paragnost” or clairvoyant, has been hired to teach prisoners how to “love themselves”.

“I tell them that dead relatives are doing well and that they love them. That brings them peace. Big strong men burst into tears,” he said. Mr van Bree, who also publishes annual predictions of the future, claims to be from a long line of clairvoyants, including his mother and grandmother.

He told De Tijd magazine that he is not the only psychic healer employed by the Dutch justice ministry.

via Ananova – Psychics help prisoners contact the dead.

Prison officials say,  “This is not something which fits in our treatment field.”

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