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Indian Cops conduct spirited investigation


ghost.gif Malevolent ghosts stealing your chickens and torturing you in the night? Who you gonna call? For farmer Sunil Das, his first call was the police, who laughed at what they thought was a joke, the Hindustan Times newspaper reported Tuesday.

But a judge in India’s northeastern state of Assam saw little humor in Das’ allegation that ghosts controlled by his neighbors were making off with his poultry at night. Instead of laughing, the judge ordered police to get to work and find the culprits, the newspaper reported.

In his complaint, Sunil Das accused his neighbors of using their “obedient but malevolent” ghosts, “subjecting me to physical and mental torture,” the newspaper reported.


Oh, yes. There’s more.

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It was a moooving romance.


cow-and-calf.jpg A Russian farmer has asked President Vladimir Putin to allow him to marry a cow.

According to MosNews Boris Gabov asked Putin for permission to marry the animal during a recent webcast in which Russians could send email directly to the president and ask him anything.

The farmer from the Kemerovo region in southern Siberia said: “All the girls have left our small village and moved to the city, so I cannot find a woman to be with. But I see the solution to the problem. I love animals very much and want to ask when we will be allowed in Russia to marry domestic animals, such as cows?”

It is unclear what Putin’s reply was.

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Retirement gift was ‘lost treasure’


A chinese vase given to a London cleaning woman as a retirement present was “a lost treasure of the Qing dynasty”. The cleaner’s grandson sold it at auction for £92,000 after discovering its history, reports the Daily Telegraph. It might have sold for more than £1 million – but the cleaner polished it so much she rubbed off most of the gold enamel.

She bequeathed the red, white and blue pot to her grandson, who kept it for years beside his television.

After reading that a similar vase had fetched £240,800 at auction, he asked Bonhams to look at it and discovered it had been made for the emperor of China 200 years ago.

Julian King, a specialist at Bonhams, said: “When I saw it for the first time, I was staggered. This is a lost treasure of the Qing dynasty. I had gone to view it with little excitement because discoveries of this kind are rare. But there it was.”

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