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Only in France—doesn’t look much like the Polizei Porsche (see below)

1973 KV Mini 1

. ..1973kv00.jpg

In anticipation of the demise of the Solyto delivery van, New Map designed and built yet another miniature vehicle that was technically interesting but aesthetically less so, obviously a product of an engineer. KV built its own motors (unusual in itself), which drove the rear wheels by means of rubber rollers pressing on the tires. Transmission was automatic, and the company was one of the only ones in France to use steel bodies for this class of vehicle.

This is an example of an early KV (as opposed to a KVS), featuring small indicator lights and a full convertible top.

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What do people in Sydney, Rome and Paris have in common? Apparently they all stink.


Sydneysiders smell of fish, Romans reek of garlic and Parisians project a pervasive waft of poultry.

“People in each country have their own smell,” perfumer Jean Claude Ellena said yesterday. “In Sydney, people smell like fish, because you eat so much fish here, like the Romans eat garlic, but in Paris it’s chicken; these people are eating so many Rhine chickens that in the street you can always smell them.”

Mr Ellena’s olfactory observations are more finely tuned than most. As the resident perfumer at French luxury house Hermes, the dapper Parisian is at the peak of his profession in the highly secretive world of fragrance. But Mr Ellena, who has worked for Yves Saint Laurent and Bulgari and is one of only two resident fashion house perfumers in the world (the other is Jacques Polger at Chanel), is happy to reveal one secret to his success.

He does not splash on cologne, his armpits are a deodorant-free zone and he steers clear of perfumed soaps. “It is to protect myself,” he said. “When I smell odours around me I’m starting to say, well, this contains that and that, so I am starting to work, but I want to concentrate only on creating my own perfumes so I try to avoid smell.”

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Man hurt by falling dog


st-bernard.jpg A man was bruised but alive after a Saint Bernard dog thrown out a two-storey window landed on him as he was walking down the street in the southern-Polish city of Sosnowiec. The 50kg [about 110 pounds] dog was pushed out of the window by its drunken owner on Monday, police said.

“The dog had a soft landing because it fell on a man,” said police spokesman Grzegorz Wierzbicki. “The dog escaped with just a few scratches. The man was also more in a psychological state of shock than physically hurt.”

The one-year-old dog, named Oskar, was placed in an animal shelter while police investigate its owners for animal abuse.

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Squirrels force couple to flee home


squirrel_03tk.jpgAn elderly German couple were forced out of their home when a family of squirrels moved in and chased them off. Heinz Steinhaeuser and his wife Brunhilde, from Verden in Lower Saxony, were kept out of their house for almost two hours. They eventually had to call the fire brigade to reclaim their home from the squirrel pair and their three offsrping.

Steinhaeuser said the family of squirrels had slipped into the house when he went outside to pick up his newspaper and had chased his wife out.

When firemen arrived the squirrels hid in the bed and other furniture before the five officers were able to catch them one-by-one, often by dismantling much of the furniture to corner the animals individually.

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Why bother with a print when you can leave the whole finger?


A burglar was caught after he left his finger at the crime scene and police found his prints in their database. Michael Baumgartner, 31, was spotted breaking into a leisure centre in Hamburg, Germany. He fled when police arrived but a ring on his index finger caught on a metal fence and ripped his finger off..

Police found the severed digit on the ground and used it to track down the thief. But it was too late to reattach the finger despite surgery at a local hospital.

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