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‘Mystery Moose’


whitemoose.jpgThis big fella’s made headlines for 100 years – a walking enigma or one tall tale?

Antlers 10 feet across. A hide so thick it stops bullets. White. Surly. Elusive. The sight of him is so frightening, he once scared a bicyclist up a tree. So intriguing, the stars of Sci-Fi Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” gave Maine’s “Mystery Moose” a four-page spread in their spin-off magazine.

It’s a 2,500-pound enigma that’s maybe roamed the woods here for 100-plus years.

A little extra attention might just drum up more sightings, and some answers, said Loren Coleman, a noted cryptozoologist from Portland, who wrote the piece for TAPS Paramagazine’s January issue. (For the uninitiated, TAPS stands for The Atlantic Paranormal Society.)

Newspapers in Texas, Minnesota and Pennsylvania have carried stories about hunters’ run-ins with Maine’s mystery or “Specter Moose.” He’s white or dirty gray, twice normal size and typically just a bit too far from any gun’s reach or so swift he disappears in a blink. (The director at the online Museum of Hoaxes called it “a moose version of Moby Dick.”)

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Duck and Cover?

A draft UN treaty to determine what would have to be done if a giant asteroid was on a collision course with Earth is to be drawn up this year. The document would set out global policies including who should be in charge of plans to deflect any object.

It is the brainchild of the Association of Space Explorers, a professional body for astronauts and cosmonauts.


I know I feel a lot better just knowing the UN is on the job. I mean, just look at how successful the UN has been in everything else. 

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Today’s “How Not To Rob A Bank” lesson

A convicted bank robber went on a crime spree just a week after being released from federal custody and was caught in part because he never changed out of the 1980s-style clothes – including a Members Only jacket — he was wearing when he was released from prison, San Francisco police said today.

Paul Paris, 54, was released from a halfway house Feb. 2 and proceeded to rob a Citibank branch at 4638 Mission St. on Feb. 9, said robbery Inspector Dan Gardner. The robber was caught on a surveillance camera wearing a Members Only jacket and a hairnet, Gardner said — the same clothes Paris had on when his probation officer photographed him the day he was released from prison.

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There’s a hole near Riga

Riga – A hole in a frozen pond in northern Latvia achieved unexpected notoriety on Wednesday as rumours began circulating that it was created by an object falling from outer space.

“Weve been collecting information on the story all day, and well definitely report it in the morning,” Inguna Plume, editor of local newspaper Ziemellatvija, told reporters.

The “unusually large hole” appeared in the ice of a frozen pond near the northern Latvian village of Karki in early February, the Leta news agency wrote. Despite sub-zero temperatures, the hole
reportedly did not freeze over for two days.

Locals initially reported seeing “strange things” in the area. One girl said that she had seen “a small bright object with a silver ring around it”, while other witnesses reported seeing up to six symmetrical beams of light emerging from the pond.

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